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4 Tips for Finding The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Redmond

Woman with beautiful smile and heading Who is the best cosmetic dentist for you?

You want to have some Redmond cosmetic dentistry done and, of course, you want it to look fabulous.

Who should you choose to do it?

That’s a good question because not all cosmetic dentists in Redmond achieve the same high-quality results.

How can you find the best cosmetic dentist?

Here are 4 cosmetic dentistry tips to consider before you make a decision.

1. Education and training in cosmetic dentistry

One of the most important considerations when choosing a cosmetic dentist is the doctor’s background.

All dentists don’t have the same cosmetic dentistry training and education. Some dentists focus mainly on general or family dentistry with some aesthetic dentistry training.

To get the kind of “wow” results you want, you need a doctor who has honed his/her skills in cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Implant dentistry
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Smile makeovers

You can check on potential dentists’ expertise by checking out their bio page on their website. They will usually list their educational background and any specialized training they have received.

Profile photo of Dr. Karen McNeill, expert in Redmond cosmetic dentistry.If you were to check the bio page for Dr. Karen McNeill, you would see she has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry for Redmond and the Greater Seattle area.

Here are a few of the things that put Dr. McNeill in a very elite, distinguished category for Redmond cosmetic dentistry:

LVI Global is a world-recognized authority for advanced cosmetic and reconstructive dental education. Dr. McNeill has completed all advanced courses at LVI Global about full mouth reconstruction, anterior (frontal) aesthetics, complex occlusion, and neuromuscular dentistry.

This advanced education puts her in an elite group of the top 1% of highly trained dentists nationwide. She is one of few female doctors to have attained this level of advanced training!

Isn’t that the kind of resume you would like your cosmetic dentist to have?

2. The best cosmetic dentists use modern technology

A great cosmetic dentist will use the latest technology dentistry has to offer.


Modern technology offers real advantages when it comes to your cosmetic dentistry treatment. Advanced dentistry tools can make your procedure faster, more comfortable, more efficient, and produce better results.

At Smile Artistry, we offer the latest and most advanced dental technology available, such as Invisalign, Zoom! teeth whitening, and same-day dentistry.

3. Cosmetic dentistry results

When it comes to excellent cosmetic dentistry, the proof is in the results!

Any credible cosmetic dentist will be able to show you before and afters of their cosmetic handiwork. If he/she has a website, you should find a smile gallery that showcases the results. For example, check out this makeover gallery of Smile Artistry’s patients.

Seeing real patient examples of the doctor’s cosmetic dentistry can give you a good idea of his/her skill level.

If you don’t like the results you see in the photos, then it would be best to look for another dentist!

Ask to see real patient results.

4. Online reviews

No matter how skilled a dentist might be, you want one you can feel comfortable working with, right?

Cosmetic dentistry is very personal. It’s essential to have a dentist who can communicate well, is easy to talk to, and is genuinely interested in your welfare.

Checking out a dentist’s online Google reviewsOpens in Google reviews page for Smile Artistry can give you a good picture of the personality of a potential cosmetic dentist or practice.

Were patients happy and satisfied with the dentist’s care? Did the dentist address their concerns? If there was a problem, how did the office handle it?

Choose wisely

Choosing the best dentist for your cosmetic dentistry is vital because your smile is important!

Having a healthy, beautiful smile can affect all aspects of your life. You want a dentist who will enhance your smile and, in turn, your life!

At Smile Artistry, we feel we have the best doctor for Redmond cosmetic dentistry. After comparing her to the four criteria mentioned above, we think you will feel the same.

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