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Invisalign Braces Redmond WA Smiles without the Metal!

A smiling man shows how Invisalign Braces from our Redmond WA dentist straightens your smile without the Metal!The glinting metal of traditional braces is difficult to ignore. “Braces” by Invisalign offer Redmond WA patients an effective yet incognito alternative, available through our Smile Dentistry practice now.

One teen with distractingly crooked frontal teeth provided this feedback: “I decided to go with Invisalign as I have always been very self-conscious of my smile, and felt as if traditional (metal) braces would only draw attention to something I was uncomfortable with.” He added that being able to remove the clear aligners in order to eat what he wanted was an additional bonus.

  • Step 1: Consult with Dr. McNeill to determine if you’re a candidate for Invisalign.
  • Step 2: Dental impressions, dental images and photographs will be taken and then submitted to Align Technology.
  • Step 3: A 3-D model is created and a treatment plan mapped out.
  • Step 4: A series of clear aligners designed specific to your case will be supplied.
  • Step 5: Wear the aligners at least 20-22 hours per day, removing them to eat, brush and floss.
  • Step 6: Approximately every two weeks simply graduate to the next prepared aligner, visiting our practice for periodic check-ups.

Typically within the year, Invisalign gives Redmond WA smiles the transformation previously only dreamed about! Visit our website or office and learn more today.