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Give the Gift of Bright Smiles with Teeth Whitening in Redmond WA

A woman smiles to show how you can give the gift of Bright Smiles with Teeth Whitening in Redmond WANothing communicates sheer happiness like radiant ear-to-ear smiles and hearty laughs. Unfortunately, stained, discolored teeth sometimes hold individuals back from openly expressing their delight. Teeth whitening provides Redmond WA residents with the ability to do more than just learn to live with their smiles. Dr. McNeill offers both BriteSmile and Zoom! professional teeth whitening treatments so that her patients quickly develop a love for their smiles.

Under her professional supervision, these whitening procedures are safe, and can dramatically take years off the appearance of a smile in just a single, one hour treatment. In fact, with Dr. McNeill, teeth can commonly be brightened by as many as 9 or more shades. With boosted smile-ability, your grin will communicate confidence and joy, as well as attract positive attention from others.

We encourage smiling unashamedly by means of our many high-tech services, including in-office teeth whitening. Share the gift of dazzling grins with your friends and family, by giving them gift certificates for that next special occasion. Our professional teeth whitening services in Redmond WA are brightening smiles, and improving lives along the way. Book your smile transforming appointment today, and proudly put your gifted smile on display.