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Dentists in Redmond WA Expose 6 Culprits Causing Bad Breath

Dentists in Redmond WA Expose 6 Culprits Causing Bad BreathThere’s absolutely nothing to smile about with bad breath, regardless of whether suffering from it ourselves or having to endure it from others. Among the elite dentists in Redmond WA, Dr. McNeill provides some insight about some of the main culprits causing this condition.

1. Food Intake—Pungent smelling foods like onions and garlic contribute to unpleasant odors. Once absorbed into the bloodstream at digestion, these odors are expelled while breathing.

2. Inadequate oral hygiene—By not brushing and flossing daily, food particles can remain between teeth, and on the gums and tongue. This leftover food debris can begin to decay, resulting in bad breath.

3. Medical Conditions—Bad breath can be a sign of a medical disorder such as a respiratory infection, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, or an ailing liver or kidneys.

4. Periodontal disease—Persistently bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth can be signaling serious gum disease. Plaque constantly forms on teeth and if left untreated, gums become irritated, swollen, inflamed and infected.

5. Dry Mouth—Often caused by salivary gland deficiencies, or by various kinds of medications, lowered levels of saliva impedes the mouth’s ability to fight off bad breath.

6. Tobacco and alcohol—Both emanate unpleasant smells that can even be detected by others standing in the general vicinity.

If suffering from persistent bad breath, visit your dentist right away. Dr. McNeill can provide suggestions, assistance and treatment options to help get the freshness back in breath. Chronic bad breath doesn’t have to be a constant irritant in your life. Top-of-the-line dentists in Redmond WA like Dr. McNeill can help you smile radiantly, and breathe a sigh of relief that’s odor free.