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Cosmetic Dentistry Experts in Redmond WA Utilize Trial Smile

A woman looking in the mirror shows how cosmetic dentistry from our Redmond WA dentist can enhance your smile.Before making a clothing purchase, most people try it on in front of a mirror to ensure it looks good on them. Modern cosmetic dentistry in Redmond WA utilizes that same principle when it comes to creating smiles that fit the unique appearance and dental needs of each individual patient. This is accomplished here through the process of Trial Smile.

Picture-perfect smiles are not a one-size-fits-all commodity. Factors including age, the shape of face, eye color, skin tone, lip contour, gum line, size of mouth, and natural tooth structure can all play a role in how to proceed in achieving your very own dream smile. Trial Smile facilitates this by:

1. Taking a photo of you, and uploading the picture to our computer system.

2. Utilizing specialized Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, various smile scenarios can be “tried on” for you to preview on the screen.

3. Once you’ve discovered the exact smile that best compliments your look, Dr. McNeil can discuss with you the procedures required in making that dazzling, simulated smile into a reality.

By employing modern digital technology, the non-invasive option of Trial Smile removes all the worries and uncertainties involved in various cosmetic procedures. Our high-tech cosmetic dentistry services for Redmond WA residents breathe youth and vitality into lifeless smiles. Start grinning, and book your Trial Smile appointment with Dr. McNeil today.