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Cosmetic Dentist in Redmond WA Adds 4 Tips for Natural Looking Veneers

Closeup of a smile showing perfect veneers from your cosmetic dentist for Redmond WAThe key to a successful procedure from your cosmetic dentist in Redmond WA is that the finished smile upgrade looks absolutely amazing, but doesn’t scream, “I’ve had my teeth worked on!” Dr. McNeil has the specialized training and expertise as a cosmetic dentist to ensure your smile displays a natural-looking dazzle, and attracts nothing but positive attention. One popular option is that of porcelain veneers.

Veneers are effective in covering over smile flaws including teeth that are oddly shaped, misaligned, chipped, worn, cracked, stained, or with spaces between them. These thin, custom-made pieces of durable porcelain are attached directly to teeth — most commonly the upper ones that show when you smile. We consider a number of important factors with our patients before helping them choose the right veneers for their unique look. One such factor is the coloring.

1. Eyes—For veneers to display a natural looking smile, their color should not be a brighter white than the whites of the eyes.

2. Layering—In order to provide a natural appearance, veneers should have natural layers of color and characterization like other teeth do.

3. Teeth Whitening—Teeth Whitening doesn’t change the color of veneers. If having teeth whitened is part of the plan, do it first so that veneer color can be matched to the newly brightened teeth.

4. Skin Tones—Darker skin colors contrast much more dramatically with the color of teeth than those with lighter coloring. Lighter skin tones therefore often call for much whiter shades of teeth whitening than those with a darker complexion.

Contact Dr. McNeil, your expert cosmetic dentist for Redmond WA right now for a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Your teeth will thank you with a lifetime of stunning smiles.