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How a Bellevue Cosmetic Dentistry Expert Can Make You Love Your Smile

Your Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert can help you love your smile again

Only a true cosmetic dentistry expert can design a smile that is uniquely yours. There may be parts of your smile you know you hate. The gaps, the stains, or the shape of your teeth. But have you considered your gum line or bite? If you live in Bellevue or the surrounding Seattle area, your search for the best dentist to transform your smile is over.

Your smile is one of your most valuable features. It can boost your confidence and make you look and feel younger. Using today’s advanced dental technologies, achieving a beautiful smile is reasonable, affordable, and comfortable.

How can a Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert help you achieve a perfect smile? What can help you choose the right dentist for you?

How is a smile transformed?

Since artistry is a key component in advanced cosmetic dentistry, a dentist must be able to draw on a variety of techniques to achieve a perfect smile for you. What are the steps involved?

  1. Analyze your smile. Creating a natural and beautiful smile involves bridging aesthetics and functionality. Your unique facial features must be considered, as well as how your muscles, teeth, bite and joints all work together.
  2. Develop a smile makeover plan. Your cosmetic dentist may use some of the following procedures to achieve your new smile:
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Laser gum reshaping
    • Cosmetic contouring of your teeth
    • Crowns
    • Invisalign orthodontics
    • Teeth whitening
  3. Create a smile preview. Just seeing a photo of your new smile isn’t enough. You want to know how it will really look and feel. Your dentist can create a temporary version of smile restoration so you can make any changes before any work is started.
  4. Complete the look.

Now that you know how you can get a smile you’ll love, how will you decide who will be the best dentist to help you?

What makes a cosmetic dentistry expert?

A cosmetic dentist needs to combine science with art. If you were going to invest and commission an artist to paint a family portrait, who would you choose? Obviously, you would want someone that doesn’t just say they are an artist, but who has been educated, trained and most importantly has working experience. It’s the same for the dental artist that will create the piece of art you will wear for the rest of your life.

Many dentists can say they practice cosmetic dentistry, but here are some factors to find out if they are truly experts:

  • experience — how many smile transformations have they actually completed?
  • advanced education and training — how have they been trained to do cosmetic and restorative procedures?
  • artistry — do they consider your unique facial characteristics?
  • technology — have they invested in the most advanced treatments?

Let’s see how Dr. Karen McNeill stacks up. Would you call her a Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert?

Is your search for a Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert over?

If you live in Bellevue or the Seattle area, consider yourself in luck. Did you know Dr. Karen McNeill is in an elite group of the top 1% of highly trained dentists nationwide?

Dr. Karen McNeill is a Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert

  • 15 years of cosmetic dentistry experience creating countless beautiful, life changing smiles in Seattle
  • Graduate and Fully Accredited by LVI Global – Advanced Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Smile Artistry is a phrase Dr. McNeill coined 10 years ago to describe her commitment to artistic integrity and individual approach to smile designs
  • Invested in the latest digital and laser technologies to provide the most progressive dental treatments to produce the best results


Don’t take our word for it, listen to what her patients and local Pacific Northwest media say about Dr. McNeill by visiting Smile Design. View some of her amazing smile transformations and be convinced that she is the cosmetic dentistry expert that can finally make you love your smile.


Enjoy a complimentary cosmetic consultation with a Bellevue cosmetic dentistry expert